NCS INDEX 1950 Original

NCS Index gives you an easy, practical overview of all the 1950 NCS colours. It takes up little room, is easy to carry with you with the unique design of the cover that keeps the pages protected.

The new NCS Index has a clear visual division into grey, yellow (hues G80Y - Y70R), red (Y80R - R70B), blue (R80B - B70G) and green (B80G - G70Y) and intermediate pages make it easy for you to find what you want among the 1950 NCS colours. Markings in the NCS Colour Circle and NCS Colour Triangle on each page show the positions of the colours in the NCS system. It also includes a text describing the NCS system and giving examples of colour combination possibilities in the NCS system.

Sample formats: 20x50 mm / 26x50 mm.

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