Introduction to Predispersion pigment chips

Predispersion pigment chips are organic and inorganic pigments predispersed in various resin such as RS & SS nitrocelluloses, water-based acrylic co-polymer, vinyl co-polymer, PVB resins for application in making high quality flexographic and rotogravure printing inks as well as deluxe paints, lacquers and coatings. 

We offers predispersion pigment chips with outstanding advantages which require no further grinding and can help ink makers to produce the excellent quality flexo inks and gravure printing inks without much investment in technology and equipment. By using this kind of chips, ink makers enjoy a maximum flexibility of adjusting their ink formulations; moreover, the cost is much lower.

Merits of predispersion pigment chips:

1. Lower cost: easily applied without much investment in technology and equipment. Saving labor cost and machine cost.
2. Non-toxic: safe for the environment, the employees who manufacture the ink, and the customers who use it.
3.Clearer printing colors: as chips are treated completely with a dispersion process, the colors are completely revealed. This merit is more obvious in photo printing.
4.Excellent gloss and higher strength: improving color strength and gloss more than 20%.
5. Finer blocking resistance; better adhesion and laminating
6. Less residual solvent: reduced to 1/3- 1/4 of traditional inks
7. Excellent solvent resistance: not only the phase of bleeding by solvents for anchor coat agent and adhesion but also the bleeding to the next unit when printing is improved.
8. No static electricity

Technical Advantages

The printing quality is affected by the dispersion of the pigment in the ink. In other words, ink's quality depends upon the particle size of pigment and the clearness of colors. Therefore, ink producers try every means possible to improve the gloss and strength of colors.

Due to the limitation of the mill machine, it is difficult to get the fully dispersed pigments by using the mill machines only. However, inks made from dispersion pigment chip can have excellent transparency and gloss. Because of those characteristics of predispersion chips, factories can make the highest quality of solvent and water-based liquid inks without high technology and advanced equipment.

Conventional ink production system evaporates bad odor during its processes. Besides, it has dispersion problems with some particular colors. Even though the demand for the packaging ink was increasing, the ink industry had not succeeded in solving those shortcomings. In the 1990's the USA, Europe, Japan and East Asian countries began to produce the inks from predispersion pigment chips to improve the quality, such as: gloss, strength, clearness, blocking, adheres ion and solvent resistance. Now, chips are becoming more and more popular in the global market. It is possible to produce the high quality ink in bulk volume without complicated process by using predispersion pigment chips. Moreover, the cost is much lower than that of the conventional method.


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